Gangler's Fly-in Lodges

"We own and operate one of the largest Premier Camp operations in remote Northern Canada and we run over 90 boats at our camp. Because we are so remote, I need to know that each boat I purchase and fly into the lake is going to do a great job for me and last for years.

I use Alumarine boats because for 20 years, Alumarine has given us the durability and quality we need. I couldn't design a boat any better and because I've got Alumarine's I don't even have to try!"

Camp Owner: Ken Gangler
Camp Location: North Seal River,
Northern Manitoba
Toll Free: 1-866-515-6343

Kitchi Island Outposts

"Kitchi Island Outposts has been using Alumarine products for several years. Currently, we use 14 foot Alumarine boats for our outposts. We chose these boats because they stand up well against the elements and are superior to the products other manufacturers' offer of comparable design. Our Alumarine boats are preferred by our clients because they are wide, stable, and safe - all the things you'd want in a boat!"

Camp Owner: Duncan Ross
Camp Location: Berens River System,
Eastern Manitoba
Toll Free: 1-866-604-0567

Tate Island Lodge

At Tate Island Lodge, we take great pride in the quality of our equipment. After being in the lodge business for over 20 years, we realize how important good equipment can be in helping to make vacation time enjoyable.

We chose Alumarine Boats for our lodge because they were already at the top of the aluminum fishing boat industry. We started carrying their 18 foot Proguide Deluxe model fishing boat and added in padded swivel seats, a carpeted floor and a casting platform to give our boats the features we were looking for at Tate Island Lodge.

Paired with a 40HP Yamaha four stroke outboard, we have not found a better riding or a more comfortable set-up in the industry and because of this, we know that these boats are exactly what we want our customers to spend the better part of their day in!

Camp Owner: Jim and Gail Weinkauf
Camp Location: Reindeer Lake,
Toll Free: 1-800-709-3475

Indian Head Camp Adventures

"We chose Alumarine boats for our camp because they provide us with assurance and safety on the water in any of the weather conditions Lake Athabasca throws our way. Having a boat you feel safe and comfortable in makes catching that 40 pounder so much easier. We find our 20 foot Alumarine Yukon's to be better than any other aluminum boat and powered by 60HP Yamahas, these boats are a huge asset to our camp."

Camp Owner: Doug and Carol Golosky
Camp Contact: Mike Binns
Camp Location: Stewart Island, Eastern
Region of Lake Athabasca
Phone: 780-242-9202
Toll Free: 1-877-743-2171

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