Since 1967, Alumarine has been building aluminum boats in Canada. Today, Alumarine offers the widest range of aluminum utility boats on the market and provides numerous boats to fishing and hunting camps across North America.

Over the years, Alumarine has gained respect in the commercial camp and outfitter market for being some of the most durable and dependable aluminum utility boats in the industry. This reputation for longevity has been earned through the extensive camp and lodge use Alumarine boats receive and has been proven as time after time Alumarine boats withstand long hours, on rough water, season after season.

When you purchase an Alumarine boat for your camp, you are purchasing a boat that will withstand the test of time, a boat that will make your customer feel safe, and a boat that has been built by a company with a steady reputation for quality and durability. It's an investment, in your future, in your camp, and in your customers, an investment that we're sure you won't regret.

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